Monday, 20 May 2013

 Today I have been featured on the blog of the 'zine EOTE!!! I thank EOTE so much, it is really an honour for me!

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Featured Poet – Claudia Messelodi

In 2009, Claudia wrote her first poem Sky-blue Wisteria. In April 2010, we printed this poem in EoTE together with a beautiful photograph of the wisteria that inspired it. Since then, Claudia has had her poetry published, not only in EoTE, but also in a number of other publications.
In March 2012, Claudia released her first poetry collection, entitled “Sky-blue Wisteria”. In her review, Freya Pickard said this, “What I like about Claudia’s poetry is that it makes you think. It’s not disturbing but rather makes you pause and ponder, consider things on the edge of consciousness. “
In April 2013 she released her second poetry collection ” Variations of Sky and Soul”. This work has been described as “both heart-warming and heart-breaking”.

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