Wednesday, 29 May 2013

 My poem Catharsis has been published on


Heavenly notes
touch hidden sides of the soul,
as hovering rose petals
skimming over your naked skin,
their scent and delicacy
healing your sorrows
making you quiver,
spilling from your cloudy eyes
marble teardrops,
which, as digging riveluts,
engrave their path
through the dusty layers of habits,
melt the clots of indifference
lying underneath,
set you free
from the fierce grip
of anxiety,
by turning it into
profound peace
inner fulfilment.


Note divine
raggiungono parti intime dell’anima,
come petali di rosa che volteggiano
sfiorando la mia pelle nuda;
il loro profumo e la loro delicatezza
arginano sofferenze,
fanno fremere,
lasciano sgorgare da occhi annebbiati
lacrime di marmo,
rivoli corrodenti,
che imprimono il loro percorso
attraverso i polverosi strati
delle abitudini,
fondendo i grumi
liberano dalla feroce
morsa dell’ansia,
trasformandola in pace interiore,
profondo appagamento.

Monday, 20 May 2013

 Today I have been featured on the blog of the 'zine EOTE!!! I thank EOTE so much, it is really an honour for me!

To find out more about EOTE, please have a look at


Featured Poet – Claudia Messelodi

In 2009, Claudia wrote her first poem Sky-blue Wisteria. In April 2010, we printed this poem in EoTE together with a beautiful photograph of the wisteria that inspired it. Since then, Claudia has had her poetry published, not only in EoTE, but also in a number of other publications.
In March 2012, Claudia released her first poetry collection, entitled “Sky-blue Wisteria”. In her review, Freya Pickard said this, “What I like about Claudia’s poetry is that it makes you think. It’s not disturbing but rather makes you pause and ponder, consider things on the edge of consciousness. “
In April 2013 she released her second poetry collection ” Variations of Sky and Soul”. This work has been described as “both heart-warming and heart-breaking”.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Today I'm taking part in 'What I Live For', an online event organised by author Satya Robyn. People like me all over the world will be sharing what gives their lives meaning.

What I Live For:

Wholehearted Love

Through blinding blizzards,
across misleading paths - still,
we walk side by side.