Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Dried fruit in glass cups
a tea-pot by a nut pie,
autumnal picnic
Claudia Messelodi

from a handful of stones today

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Here you can find some useful information about the January 2012 River of Stones:
 'Slow down & fall in love with the world through writing small stones during January - join our River of Stones'

Would you a 2012 with more colour, more juice, more clarity, more deliciousness?
During January, Kaspa and Fiona Robyn from ‘Writing Our Way Home’ will be encouraging you to pay attention to one thing every day and write it down.
You don’t have to be a writer to take part. You just need to have three minutes spare a day, and a notebook or a blog, and the desire to slow down and fall in love with the world a day at a time.
Do jump here to find out more, and Kaspa and Fiona hope to see you in the river. Here’s how last year’s small-stoners found the experience:
“I have to tell you, readers, I have loved writing a small stone every day for the last 31 days. It’s the most glorious exercise in mindfulness, in pulling yourself into this moment, and if you haven’t tried it yet please give it a go, if only for a week.”
~Rachel Hawes, writer of small stones
"My father was recently put into Hospice care and dealing with the imminent loss and pain and joy of his journey has become sweeter for me because I am paying attention. That is no small thing.”~Lisa Haight, writer of small stones
“…I keep finding that [writing a small stone] doesn’t eat up time or mental space; on the contrary, time stops and a new space is created.”
~Jean Morris, writer of small stones
“Writing small observations daily was like a spiritual experience for me. I felt happy, joyous and free. I looked forward to my daily meditation. As a result, I feel awakened and alive; and I am truly thankful.”
~Laurie Kolp, writer of small stones

Friday, 25 November 2011

I've just started this blog in order to have a proper place where I can write small stones, as I will try to participate in the January '12 river of stones..a great challange for me indeed, under all circumstances! I hope I will be able to slow down a bit the hectic daily routines so as to commit myself to getting in touch with nature and with the world, by exploring its depth and richness, by paying attention to things happening around me more's kind of being grateful to life and conveying new sense to human dispositions and actions